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Logline for "Pepper In The Wind"

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 1870: A recently freed slave is obsessively pursued by his cruel former master who can't let go of the past. Escaping across the frontier with his friends, he faces life and death at every turn in his quest for freedom.

Finalist - Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2021
Finalist - Award of Excellence - New York Los Angeles International Film Festival (NYLA) 2021
Finalist - LA Screenplay Competition 2021
Semi-Finalist- Page Turner Screenplays 2022
Semi-Finalist - Big Apple Film Festival 2021
Semi-Finalist - Vail Screenplay Competition 2021
Semi-Finalist - L.A. International Screenplay Awards 2021
Quarter-Finalist - NYC International Screenplay Awards 2021

Recommend - Santa Barbara Int. Screenplay Academy Analysis

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Hi K,

Kudos on all those wins!  Two thoughts for you:

  • I agree with Geoffrey that it could be shorter.  Tough to do sometimes, but worth the parsing if you can.
  • Is there something specific in the plot or story arc that you could mix in to give us a good "hook"?  

Great job and good luck!

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Wow. That is fantastic and congratulations on your accolades. The only note I have if you want to shorten this up a bit would be:

In 1870, A recently freed slave faces life and death in his quest for freedom from his obsessed master.

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That sounds like a very cool script. The log line seems a little long and a little fragmented.


A recently freed slave on the run from his obsessed former master must survive an unfamiliar frontier.