Are Screenwriting Contests Worth it?

Embarking on a screenwriting journey can often feel like navigating a vast, uncharted territory. For many emerging writers, screenwriting contests represent a beacon of hope—a chance to have their work recognized, validated, and perhaps even catapulted into the realm of professional filmmaking. But the burning question remains: Are screenwriting contests truly worth it? In this […]

10 Unconventional Strategies to Make Your Screenwriting Dreams Happen—No Hollywood Address Needed!

Breaking into the screenwriting industry doesn’t require a zip code in Los Angeles. Armed with passion, persistence, and a bit of insider knowledge, you can make significant strides from wherever you are. Having interviewed over 200 filmmakers for The Successful Screenwriter Podcast who have made it in the film industry I have compiled their advice […]

Ep 32 – Guerilla Filmmaking with Maureen O’Connell

Explore guerrilla filmmaking in Ireland with Maureen O'Connell on The Successful Screenwriter Podcast. Dive into the world of indie film, creative challenges, and industry insights.

Godzilla Minus One: A Plus for the franchise

Godzilla Minus One Enters A New Age For Godzilla As a diehard Godzilla fan, I went into Godzilla Minus One as excited as I’ve been for every single film I’ve ever watched. From the initial film which talks about the dread and panic following WWII, the campy superhero he became during the Showa Era Godzilla […]

Writing For A Living Requires A Hard Lesson

Things That I Wish I Learned Sooner Whether as a screenwriter, novelist, content creator, musician… The reason you’re all here is because you want to be a career writer. The goal is to leave the day job, move into a more comfortable reality, and create our passions for a living. There is absolutely nothing wrong […]

WGA New MBA Released

These are the new details of the Agreed Upon MBA On September 26th, 2023, the WGA voted to terminate the strike at 12:01 AM Pacific Time. With the strike ending, the WGA also released their new contract to the public to see exactly what’s been agreed upon before they vote as a union to accept […]


The Writers and Studios agreed to end the nearly 5-month strike. 146 days. Television and movie productions lost out on almost 5 months of development. Pencils were down. Signs were up. They marched day and night by the big cooling tower. They had the plant, but we had the power. 146 days. The AMPTP released […]

WGA vs. AMPTP: The Comedy of Straw Men

How the AMPTP uses partial knowledge to increase public pressure and why it’s failing. 108 days in total so far. The WGA and the AMPTP are still apart on a deal, but negotiations are ongoing. That said, the AMPTP has indeed brought new contracts to the table, and the WGA said no. So what did […]

Ep 31 – Using A.I. to Analyze a screenplay

GEOFFREY D. CALHOUN: All right. Welcome to the successful screenwriter podcast where we discuss anything and everything screenwriting here, we interview successful screenwriters and filmmakers to find out just what it takes to make it in the industry. All right, welcome to the podcast. Yes, this is an awesome guest we have on today Nadira […]

Scriptapalooza, It’s Not About The Apology. It’s about the Optics.

The damage the competition announcement did is already done. “The AI screenplay competition stands apart by showcasing the innovative potential of artificial intelligence, merging human creativity with machine intelligence.” This was a call to action from Scriptapalooza’s now deleted Artifical Intelligence Screenwriting Competition. In the amount of time it took to say that line aloud, […]

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