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    Signing up brings you access to our forums where you can find like minded screenwriters. Not only that but you can also find Geoffrey on the forums where he is available to chat all things screenwriting and answer questions on the craft.


    Exclusive leads and script requests are updated weekly on our forum but our sponsor at Inktip.


    Our Script Library has everything from Oscar Nominated indie dramas to summer blockbusters.


    Interviews with screenwriting gurus such a Christopher Vogler, Dave Trottier, Linda Seger, Mattew Kalil, and Geoffrey D. Calhoun as they discuss how to improve the craft.


    In-depth seminars on how to pitch, the secrets of subplots, writing a video game, outlining fast, adapting an IP, and more.

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    By becoming a paid member of our site not only are you getting an incredible amount of access to help you develop your craft but you are also financially supporting The Successful Screenwriter Podcast. This allows us to continue providing you with in depth industry knowledge from filmmakers who have made it in the industry.


    Script Summit has been listed as one of The Best Screenwriting Courses of All time by Script Reader Pro. As a Coverfly Exclusive contest the winners recieve a development package which includes exposure to industry professionals to help launch their career.


    Courses Writing For Television, Developing A Screenplay, and Basic/Advanced formatting. Over 40 videos!


    In-depth interviews with professionals such as CIA, FBI, Hackers, Con Artists, Scientists, and more to aid in research for your next big story and character development. New interviews added regularly.

What people have to say

The Successful Screenwriter Pro Membership has been invaluable for my screenwriting career. The character database is particularly helpful because all the research has been completed and provided for me in video format. New content is being uploaded regularly, which keeps the website fresh and relevant. This Successful Screenwriter hosts a wonderful community of writers and I’m excited to be a part of it!
Katie Presto
Yearly Member
The Successful Screenwriter isn't just about awards, it's about development. It's about providing the right resources, lessons, and community for writers to grow. The Successful Screenwriter delivers on this promise.
Malcolm Taylor
Yearly Member
The Successful Screenwriter site is devoted to providing up-and-coming writers with everything they need for success. Help with log lines, synopsis’, and honest feedback, but it doesn’t stop there. The website is filled with tools, scripts, seminars, a monthly contest, tutorials, and a database that takes you inside the people we want to write about (CIA agents, FBI, Con Artists and more).
Christopher O'Bryant
Top Script Winner
This is the one stop shop for all things screenwriting. It is the real deal. From contests, to tutorials, to script requests, this is the site every screenwriter needs to be successful and feel supported.
Irina Hirchberger
Quarterly Member