WGA Srike/Unfair List

The WGA is Picketing, and there are rules.

As the strike plays out, there are numerous companies and individuals who are currently on the Unfair list. The list was created by the Writer’s Guild board of directors to advise writers that these individuals or companies who have been accused of unfair practices, including:

  • Hiring of Guild members without becoming a signatory company;
  • Refusal to bargain with the WGA;
  • Refusal to participate in grievance and arbitration procedures;
  • Failure to comply with a final arbitration award;
  • Failure to pay P&H fund delinquencies; and
  • Violation of the National Labor Relations Act or other laws designed to protect writers.

A list of the individuals and companies who fall under these accusations can be found here.

Writers are forbidden to work with these companies and individuals due to their practices. his list was updated on January 30, 2023, but companies and individuals can be added and dropped from the list.

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