WGA New MBA Released

These are the new details of the Agreed Upon MBA

On September 26th, 2023, the WGA voted to terminate the strike at 12:01 AM Pacific Time. With the strike ending, the WGA also released their new contract to the public to see exactly what’s been agreed upon before they vote as a union to accept the new terms, which will be passed in all likelihood.

In the full 94-page document, a detailed breakdown of the language and changes can be found, though an abbreviated document can also be found on the WGA webpage, as well as a pdf that describes the deals in comparison to the WGA’s original demands.

Two of the major factors to note are that the Writer’s Guild now regulates the use of AI in writing, which is incredible since the initial negotiation saw the AMPTP reportedly laugh at the Guild for their demand and the transparency when it comes to streaming numbers, which many top writers were underpaid for residuals for highly successful programs.

Other noted monetary increases are detailed above, and even additions to healthcare that are absolutely necessary, but another addition that is there is now a minimum number of staff writers for television, allowing for a more even workload for writers in an increasing demand for shows and material.

The negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP were able to meet in the middle for this new contract, which will officially start following ratification, and is a win for writers and future writers.

WGA, thank you for fighting for the rights of every writer who looks to fulfill their dreams of creating wonderful programming. Thank you for showing that unity is the key to progress and the betterment of our industry. I also want to thank our sister Guilds for their support and their continued efforts to better their own standings.

Also, I want to thank everyone outside of the system whose continued support and solidarity helped writers through the hardest 5 months we’ve seen in a long time. We will never forget who stood with us, and we will continue to stand as one.

This is a time of appreciation and

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