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Seeking Low-Budget Horror Scripts

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We are looking for completed, feature-length, low-budget character-driven horror scripts with a strong theme. Supernatural and/or sci-fi elements are welcome, and a Lovecraftian tone or theme is a big plus. We are only looking for scripts with a small cast, minimal locations, and practical FX. We are not interested in slashers, but psychological horror/thrillers are welcome.

Films similar to what we are looking for include "The Babadook," "The Void," "Absentia," "The Night House," Tremors" or "The Autopsy of Jane Doe"

Our budget is not to exceed $250,000. Only Non-WGA writers should submit at this time.

To find out about this company AND submit to this lead:

1) Go to

2) Copy/Paste this code: 1j4h8r6akv