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Seeking Low-Budget Financial Thriller Scripts

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We are looking for completed, feature-length, low-budget financial thriller scripts with at least one young male protagonist between the ages of 28-35 and a good twist. Films similar to the tone of what we are looking for include “American Psycho,” “Fight Club,” “Mulholland Drive,” or “Margin Call.”

Our budget is not to exceed $300,000. Both WGA and non-WGA writers may submit.

NOTE: Access to writers' scripts on InkTip is normally restricted to producers who have already produced at least one feature film; however, we realize that every producer who got a first feature off the ground had to find that script somewhere. So, instead of providing access to scripts on InkTip, we offer leads to writers about up-and-coming producers who show real potential and who provided good references in an effort to help our writers connect with such producers. Note that this is one such lead.

To find out about this company AND submit to this lead:

1) Go to

2) Copy/Paste this code: 495nmzzzqk