21 days later: there is a silver lining

Writers are having a hard time, but there is something you can hold on to. It’s easy to see why writers feel down right now. In fact, it’s completely understandable. We work hard and pay our dues, and some of us work day jobs to support our dreams of becoming great original writers or getting […]

Dear Hollywood, Stop Selling Writers the Dream. We’re not Buying It

One week into the strike, and there’s a looming shadow. One week into the 2023 WGA strike, there have been many major moments. Late-night shows are canceled. Shows like Stranger Things and The Hedge Knight are frozen in development until further notice. Finished products are still being released, although this writer is boycotting any new […]

WGA Srike/Unfair List

The WGA is Picketing, and there are rules. As the strike plays out, there are numerous companies and individuals who are currently on the Unfair list. The list was created by the Writer’s Guild board of directors to advise writers that these individuals or companies who have been accused of unfair practices, including: A list […]

WGA Strike Opinion: Empire Vs. Movement

There is a silver lining to the strike. The strike is in effect. Writers have walked off of sets. Late-night shows are canceled. Live variety shows are postponed. Many pre-productions have stopped, but this is only the beginning. Writers are picketing for their futures, their pay, and a sustainable life. Regardless of what is reported, […]


There are many questions: Here are a few things you should know. On May 1, 2023, the Writer’s Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed to agree on a new contract. Immediately following, the WGA unanimously voted in favor of a strike, set to begin on Tuesday, May 2, […]

WGA 2023, Stand UP: This Is What’s on the Line

Writers Are The Backbone of Film. Support Writer’s Rights Yesterday, April 17, 2023, the Writer’s Guild of America overwhelmingly approved a strike, marking the first potential strike since 2007-2008. If it indeed happens, understand as filmmakers, writers, and even as movie and television viewers that there is more on the line in this strike than […]

5 Things I Learned At SXSW

This was my first time at “South By,” as the cool kids say, and my first time in the city of Austin. The energy during SXSW is electric and being amongst so many creative people is intoxicating. I came home feeling inspired and renewed as if I’d been at a week-long wellness retreat. I’m so […]

SXSW Filmmakers Proves A Major Point: Success Is Measured By Effort

The Writers and Filmmakers Present Faced Setbacks, But Made No Excuses With SXSW officially in the books, there are a lot of talking points. Great experiences? Check. Great films like “I Used To Be Funny” and “Late Night With The Devil”? Check. Music and networking? Check. SXSW was an experience like no other in terms […]

A Surprise Moment At SXSW From Robert Rodriguez

Meeting Someone Is Film Is One Thing, Meeting An Icon Is Another I will admit, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I was approached to do press for SXSW. I’ve written for sports, done movie reviews, and have interviews under my belt, but SXSW was something that I needed to experience firsthand […]

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