Here is a list of recommended services that I have personally vetted and believe to be of the highest quality to aid you on your screenwriting path.

Make Your Script Spotless

We provide you with award-winning staff writers who actively work in the indie-film industry.  Our service partners you directly with one of our talented screenwriters who specializes in your genre. 

- Fast Script Evaluation
- Comprehensive Notes
- Zoom Consultation
- Script Clean & Polish
- Mentorships


Sell Your Script

InkTip is a Los Angeles-based tech company dedicated to the democratization and success of independent filmmaking.

More than 1,000 writers have sold or optioned their scripts, gained writing work, obtained representation, or have had their scripts turned into movies because of the services InkTip offers.

There are over 400 movies that have been made from scripts on InkTip. 



Screenwriting Software

Format effortlessly, customize your workflow, create custom templates, and lock pages or save revision drafts with one click so that you can spend more time writing. With WriterDuet you can:

- Collaborate with another writer in real-time
- Intuitive Formatting
- Compatible with virtually any filetype
- Outline your screenplay
- Write anywhere on any system


Get Read by Professionals

You only get one shot to impress an agent or producer. Make it count. Our script coverage focuses on the kind of screenplay you wrote. Whether your script is written for a Micro-Budget, the Indie Film Market, of the Studio System we have you covered. Why have a reader used to covering Studio Tent-pole scripts cover your Micro-budget screenplay?