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Showing You the Path to Success as a Screenwriter

Having been in the screenwriting business for over 15 years, Geoffrey has seen firsthand what it takes to manifest your dreams and how to avoid devastating pitfalls along the way. This is why Geoffrey created The Successful Screenwriter, as a resource dedicated to showing unique approaches to turn your goals into reality. Make It Happen.


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I am Geoffrey D. Calhoun.

Hi! I am Geoffrey D. Calhoun a best-selling author, instructor, and most importantly a screenwriter. I have been plugging away at this craft for over 15 years. While traveling this long journey I have seen it all, from incredible successes to my very own dark night of the soul.
This industry can be brutal which is why I have dedicated myself to providing you with the best techniques and resources to help you thrive. That is why I have created The Successful Screenwriter.
We stand on the shoulders of giants and in the filmmaking business, there is no better teacher than an experienced mentor who has been through the grinder and prospered. By interviewing successful screenwriters and filmmakers who discuss their own uniquely challenging paths and how they overcame them, we are able to see just what it takes to make it in this industry.

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